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A New Era of Security

Your data security is our business.

Security Audits

We have the expertise to audit your current infrastructure. Give us a call at 252-492-4317.

Vulnerability Prevention

Vulnerability Prevention

Security Analysis

Security Analysis


Helpdesk Tickets

Login, create tickets and let us maintain your infrastructure.

Cybersecurity Framework

The Framework is organized by five key Functions – Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, Recover. These five widely understood terms, when considered together, provide a comprehensive view of the lifecycle for managing cybersecurity over time.


What We Offer

Services to assist any size business survive the tangled, hazard layden vast of the Internet securely. 

Professional IT Services

With our managed IT services in Houston, we help organizations find, design, implement, and manage the right technologies to improve the way they do business. We will do these and everything in between, so you can focus all your efforts on expanding your business.

Security Services

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Hosted Services

We offer complete hosted Virtual Machines, email, websites or data backup. Offload your servers to our cloud over a secure Virtual Private Network.


Our Approach to Security

Successful cyber security programs are built one step at a time, drawing on a comprehensive understanding of relevant business processes and the mind-set of prospective attackers.  Therefore we invest time in understanding your business and your unique needs.

Ground Up Infrastructure

Our goal is to build a cybersecurity infrastructure from the ground up, that works right now and into the future.

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