USA TODAY: Reboot with tech to clear clutter, simplify

Reboot with tech to clear clutter, simplify

In theory, today’s top consumer tech tools should make your life easier, not more complicated. Yet all too often, many of us are using the latest gadgets and apps for multitasking mayhem rather than sanity saving solutions. Here are some new ways to cut through the connected clutter and reboot your day: 1. Clutter control for your brain: No matter how many times I check my smartphone calendar, get notifications, or alerts, there are often small details of daily life that somehow slip through the connected cracks, and catch me off guard. Remembering to remember is one of the toughest parts of my busy day. For years now, I’ve used Post-it notes to keep me in check. I have a rainbow of them stuck everywhere ā€” on my desk, purse, fridge ā€” even my car dashboard. But rather trail a tornado of paper wherever I go, I’ve recently discovered the Post-It Note Camera Feature in Evernote.