USA TODAY: A first look at Microsoft Office for iPad

A first look at Microsoft Office for iPad

Long before CEO Satya Nadella’s announcement Thursday that the company he now runs was finally releasing Microsoft Office for the iPad, there have been other Office-like productivity suites and workarounds that for some mobile professionals have more than made up for Microsoft’s absence. Apple’s own work-oriented apps for the iPad, which are now free, include the fine Pages word processor, the Numbers spreadsheet, and the Keynote presentation app — its answer to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Other companies have stepped in too. With that as the backdrop, it’s premature to say whether Office for iPad from the Microsoft mother ship will somehow provide a superior experience to what’s already out there, certainly not after what can only be a cursory first look at the new Office for iPad. But a billion people use some version of Office today, and of those who also own an iPad, it’s reasonable to assume that no matter how good the alternatives are, they’ll feel more comfortable sticking with Microsoft.