How to enable Zero-Handoff on Unifi

– For Zero Handoff Roaming, you’ll need to install the UniFi controller version after v3.1.x

– Next setup a new WLAN Group by navigating Settings > Wireless Networks

– Next add a new WLAN Group by click the ì+î. Now give a name and Enabled Zero-handoff to make your roaming WLAN Group.

– Finally just add the access points you want to participate in this roaming group to this WLAN Group and it should then work fine.

– After initial setup, the UAPs handles Zero Handoff Roaming, so it works independently of the UniFi Controller software.

UniFi – Run the controller as a Windows service

Readers will learn how to run the UniFi controller software as a Windows service.

Windows services are often useful since they are “background” applications which don’t require any attention on the part of the end-user. In this way, the service will launch upon startup, without any intervention on the part of the user.


How to completely reset a Ubiquiti AP-LR.

To reset the UniFi APs, power them on, and allow them to fully boot. (In case powered by the POE adapter, make sure the cable on the LAN port of the adaptor is unplugged.)

After they’ve booted, press and hold the small reset button (located on the back of the device) for 25+ seconds.
Wait for stable Amber/White LED.(Now replug the cable into the LAN port of the adaptor)

This should reset the UniFi APs and put them back into a discoverable state again.

How to setup Zero Handoff on Ubiquiti Unifi.

UniFi has always supported roaming according to base 802.11 standards. However with Zero-Handoff Roaming enabled, clients can freely roam between UAPs without incurring any latency penalty as a result of the roam. The basic premise is Zero-Handoff enabled UAPs appear as a single AP from the perspective of the client, thus eliminating disconnection.

Zero-Handoff Roaming is available starting with v3.x.