How To Know Which Process is Using a File or Folder in Windows

Resource Monitor

For Windows 7 and above, you can use the built-in Resource Monitor.

Open Resource Monitor, which can be found

  • By searching for resmon.exe in the start menu, or
  • As a button on the Performance tab in your Task Manager

From CPU tab, use the search field in the Associated Handles section

When you’ve found the handle, you can identify the process by looking at the Image and/or PID column. You can then close the application if you are able to do that, or just right-click the row and you’ll get the option of killing the process (End Process) right there.

Kill a process using PowerShell

Open PowerShell. If required, run it as Administrator.

Type the command Get-Process to see the list of running processes

To kill a process by its name, execute the following cmdlet: Stop-Process -Name “ProcessName” -Force

To kill a process by its PID, run the command: Stop-Process -ID PID -Force