Digital VoIP Phone System Features

Allworx VOIP Hybrid PBX Phone Systems: Features

Allworx phone systems are loaded with features that small businesses need and big businesses take for granted, including features that cost extra on other VOIP hybrid PBX systems. And unlike phone company services such as voicemail or call forwarding, with an Allworx VOIP hybrid phone system, you don’t pay extra every month!


Feature Description
Auto Attendants Greet callers with recorded messages that offer touchtone choices and connect callers to extensions. It’s like having your own receptionist 24 hours a day. There are 9 levels of auto attendant, so you can offer multiple options for callers.
Voicemail Built-in voicemail saves you paying monthly for phone company voicemail, and it’s centralized, so you don’t have to check different mailboxes for cell and office phones. You can also have your Allworx notify you by email and include the voicemail in an audio file.
Remote Extensions Any phone, anywhere, can be added as an extension of the system. Integrate mobile and teleworkers, stay connected anywhere, and give your customers a single number to contact you.
External IP Extensions* Plug an IP phone into your network at home or any other location and it functions just like the extensions in the office. Great for teleworkers or for keeping connected to your business when you’re at home.
Expandable From 1 to 150 users per location, Allworx grows when you grow.
Phone Freedom Works with our proprietary Allworx phones, standard analog telephones and selected IP phones. Get the phones you want or save money by using your existing phones.
Dial-By-Name Directory Callers can select an extension by dialing the name of the person they want to reach.
Voicemail to E-mail Receive e-mail notification of new voicemail, with or without the message attached as an audio file.
Call Cascade If your extension is busy, not answered, screened, or on do not disturb, calls can ring a sequence of other extensions or ring groups. With call cascade, Allworx can make several attempts to locate you before sending the caller to voicemail.
Ring Groups Send calls to all local extensions in a department. Ring more than one extension simultaneously and use different ring patterns to identify types of calls.
Call Queue If an extension or ring group is busy, the caller gets the option to leave a message, remain on hold, or return to the auto attendant. At your extension, you get notified of queued inbound calls.
Automatic Route Selection Automatically send certain kinds of outgoing calls through specific phone lines. All long-distance calls, for example, can use a specific line or group of lines.
Toll Restriction Prevent unauthorized long-distance calling from any local extension.
Call Detail Record Logging Assign accounts to calls and track length of calls for billing of professional services.
Line Appearance See which lines are available or in use, right on your Allworx IP set. Customize which lines to view for each extension. Exclusively available with Allworx-brand of telephones.
Multiple Language Prompts More than one language in your office? Each extension can have its prompts in English, Spanish
Call Forward Send calls to any other local or remote extension, to a ring group, or voice mailbox.
Call Conference Connect up to 3 parties on one phone call.
Call Back/Call Bridge Access your office long distance savings plan from anywhere around the world. Lets your long distance savings plan travel with you.
Mode Scheduling Handle incoming calls differently at different times of the day, days of the week and on holidays. Allworx can professionally handle calls during and after regular business hours.
Call Hold Transfer/Park Hold calls. Transfer calls to local or remote extensions, ring groups, or voicemail.
Call Screening Records a caller’s name, then plays it to the recipient, who can accept or redirect the call.
Intercom Place calls from one extension to another.
Call Pickup Pick up calls from other extensions.
Distinctive Ring You can have different kinds of calls handled in different ways. Allworx supports telephone company distinctive ring features.
Public Announcement Allworx can be connected to a PA system, or announcements can be made through the speakers of selected Allworx telephones.
Remote Management Change configuration of the system remotely.
Free Software Upgrades Upgrade your Allworx configuration software for free!


* Requires a Internet Call Access option.