Advance Features

Sold as options, we offer you software that not only saves you time and effort, but it provides you with added functionality.

  • NCOL introduces the lowest cost enterprise-class conference solution in SMB VoIP with the Conference Center. This user-friendly option includes full security, scheduling, and moderator features. When purchasing the Conference Center you are provided with one 8-seat conference bridge.
  • Create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) that provides secure Internet access for remote employees or directly connects two office locations.
  • Schedule meetings in a flash using our Group Calendaring feature.
  • The Call Assistant software tool allows operators and receptionist to transfer incoming calls directly to user extensions, auto attendants, parked calls, call queues, or call monitors. Users also have the ability to dial directly from the Call Assistant application via their desktop.
  • Manage multiple incoming calls with Call Queuing software option. Allows businesses to easily distribute incoming calls up to 10 pre-defined queues.
  • Internet Call Access software option allows businesses to send and receive calls over the Internet. This option is required when you want to call directly between multiple Allworx sites or when you want to connect the system to an ISP.