New Computer Setup

New Computer Setup SupportDid you just buy a new computer and are afraid you’re going to set it up wrong or maybe you just want help to make sure your setup is optimized for the best performance. Either way, we can help you!

Only $49.99 for a personalized new computer setup to include:





  • Install computer updates and security updates to get your computer fully updated
  • Help remove programs and “bloatware” that you do not want on your computer
  • Set up additional user accounts for children or others at home who will be sharing your computer
  • Install proper antivirus software so that your computer is protected (software installation is free)
  • Help you set up program shortcuts on the desktop and optimize your preferences
Please contact us today if we can help you optimize your new computer and get it set up just the way you want –  you can chat online or call 492-4317 now!