Virtual Servers and Desktops

Virtual Servers
The need to have a physical server for each application is no longer a requirement. Most software vendors have certified their applications to operate on a virtual server. Customers can purchase one “Host” server that can operate many servers. The virtualization of servers has allowed for customers to cut costs in electricity, A/C, HR, and backup.

NCOL.NET sells and supports VMWARE virtual server systems. We can help you determine the size of your host server as well as the specifications to handle the most daunting application.

From a single host to multiple hosts with redundancy, NCOL.NET and it’s partners are certified to make your transistion to virtualization painless.
Virtual Desktops
With improvements in LAN/WAN connectivity and the Internet many companies are looking for ways to lower their desktop and application support.Users want to be connected to their applications from many different devices, including IPads, Latops, and even smart phones. We no longer work just at the office.Virtualize your desktops or “Thin Client”, allows you provide the same user experience as a “Fat Client”. A fat client is a desktop that has an operating system and all applications loaded on it. This requires the maintenance and management of each desktop, which can be costly. A thin client allows you to deploy all your applications from a central server and only provide a terminal to the user. The terminal has nothing more than a web browser or a virtual client to connect to the server to run applications.