Enable SSH and TELNET login on Cisco ASA 7.x inside Interface

Configuration with ASDM 6.x

Complete these steps:

  1. Choose Configuration > Device Management > Users/AAA > User Accounts in order to add a user with ASDM.ssh-inside-out-pix7x-8.gif
  2. Choose Configuration > Device Management > Users/AAA > AAA Access > Authentication in order to set up AAA authentication for SSH with ASDM.ssh-inside-out-pix7x-9.gif
  3. Choose Configuration > Device Setup > Device Name/Password in order to change the Telnet password with ASDM.ssh-inside-out-pix7x-10.gif
  4. Choose Configuration > Device Management > Certificate Management > Identity Certificates, click Add and use the default options presented in order to generate the same RSA keys with ASDM.ssh-inside-out-pix7x-11.gif
  5. Under Add a new Identity certificate click New in order to add a default key pair if one does not exists. Then, click Generate Now.ssh-inside-out-pix7x-12.gif
  6. Choose Configuration > Device Management > Management Access > Command Line (CLI) > Secure Shell (SSH) in order to use ASDM to specify hosts allowed to connect with SSH and to specify the version and timeout options.ssh-inside-out-pix7x-13.gif
  7. Click Save on top of the window in order to save the configuration.ssh-inside-out-pix7x-14.gif
  8. When prompted to save the configuration on flash, choose Apply in order to save the configuration.