Burglars use social media to target homes

Tip: Burglars use social media to target homes

BURGLARS USE SOCIAL MEDIA Q. I read that burglars use social media to target victims. How do they do it? A. Criminals only need a rough idea of where you live — and access to Google Street View — to start casing your home. Using check-in apps and posting vacation photos broadcasts to the world that you’re not at home right then. Be sure to check your privacy settings — and wait until you’re safely home to share vacation stories. NEW WAYS THIEVES STEAL YOUR IDENTITY Q. I keep hearing about new identity-theft scams. What are they? A. Identity thieves are using public hotspots to set up fake Wi-Fi networks. So, you might think you’re logging onto public Wi-Fi, but end up signing onto a hacker’s network instead. If you’re in a café or restaurant, ask and make sure you’re joining a legitimate network. Medical identity theft is another fast-growing threat. It happens when a thief uses your name and information to receive medical services.